Campsite Johor
Campsite in Johor

Campsite Johor

May 25, 2022

Johor is blessed with 400km of coastline and has plenty of nature elements such as forested lands, mangroves, sand beaches, islands and more. It is a true heaven for outdoor lovers and has continued to be one of the top choices for campers!

We have put together some of the most popular campsites in the state of Johor so that you can try them out yourself one day! Now start planning for your next trip to Johor!

Southern Sea Fort Campsite ⇡⇡⇡

Tiger Base Camp TBC ⇡⇡⇡

Logok Campsite ⇡⇡⇡

Pemberton Campground ⇡⇡⇡

Takah Pengkoi Bekok ⇡⇡⇡

Skyrim ⇡⇡⇡


山下人家 ⇡⇡⇡

Koref Desaru Leisure Farm ⇡⇡⇡

El-Dhuha Campsite ⇡⇡⇡

Labis Sunrise Farm ⇡⇡⇡

FiftySeven Camping ⇡⇡⇡

Sekawan Campsite Gunung Pulai ⇡⇡⇡

NOMAD campsite ⇡⇡⇡

小蔡榴莲园 ⇡⇡⇡

Star Fish Leisure Farm ⇡⇡⇡

Nurjannah Camp & Eco-Resort ⇡⇡⇡

Sinar Eco Resort ⇡⇡⇡


D'onaz FARM + CAMP ⇡⇡⇡

Sireh Park, Iskandar Puteri ⇡⇡⇡

Mak Kiah Campsite ⇡⇡⇡

Gunung Panti Campsite Kota Tinggi ⇡⇡⇡

Campsite Tok Isa ⇡⇡⇡

Back To Nature Camp ⇡⇡⇡

Paksu Chalet & Camp Site ⇡⇡⇡

Ziela Santai Chalet ⇡⇡⇡

Teluk Gorek Chalet & Campsite ⇡⇡⇡

Kahang Adventures & Eco Camp ⇡⇡⇡

Endau-Rompin Selai ⇡⇡⇡

Mawai Nature Village ⇡⇡⇡


Jason Bay Beach Resort ⇡⇡⇡

Sunrise Camp Kg Punggai ⇡⇡⇡

Chalet Arked D'Punggai Beach Resort ⇡⇡⇡

Mentigi Bay Chalet Mersing ⇡⇡⇡

Campsite Tanah Abdullahati ⇡⇡⇡

AL KAUSTHAR Campsite ⇡⇡⇡

  • +60 11-5172 9249, +60 11-3364 2959

Pasir Lanun Camp & Chalet ⇡⇡⇡

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