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Kawan Guni

Jun 30, 2022

Kawan Guni is a subsidiary of PYNG that focuses on educating the public and organizing events or program related to clean recycling.
As of now, Kawan Guni accepts over 13 types of recyclables at their monthly recycling event, including:
Plastic (PET, HDPE, PP)
Electronic Waste (E Waste)
Used Cooking Oil
For more information on accepted recyclables, visit: https://kawanguni.com/accepted-recyclables
Not only would you be able to learn more about clean recycling and sustainable living through hands-on experiences with the team at Kawan Guni, you can also now enjoy exclusive benefits shopping at selected partner merchants when you participate in Kawan Guni’s clean recycling program.
We are proud that Goritta is able to contribute our part towards sustainable living by partnering up with Kawan Guni as a partner merchant. Participants of Kawan Guni’s recycling event will now be able to enjoy certain discounts when they shop or rent at Goritta. Show up at our store with your physical badge and be entitled to special discounts!
Goritta Exclusive Benefithttps://kawanguni.com/goritta
Shop with Goritta: https://goritta.com/
Rent with Goritta: Coming soon in July 2022
Together, let’s practice a more sustainable lifestyle and do our part for mother nature.