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PYNG Zero Waste

Jun 30, 2022

" What you did today, it is not  for the present us, it is for your next generation "
- Rick Lim, founder of PYNG -

  Protect Your Next Generation.

PYNG provides sustainable household daily necessities such as oral care products, soap bar, cleaning utensils, hair & body cleanser and etc. Through reducing the amount of Earth’s resources that is consumed, PYNG aims to make sustainable living accessible and affordable to everyone.
By utilizing PYNG’s network and resources, normal consumers can start on their sustainable living journey in a smoother way. All the way to the top of the supply chain, PYNG products are sourced in bulk and all packaging are done with minimal plastic usage and compostable/ recyclable packing materials.
Let's camp sustainably!

PYNG Values

They Share
''We share our personal experience, knowledge, and thoughts on sustainable living with you because we always believe these experiences and knowledge are joined resources for everyone. We hope to get more people to join in and together we create an impact on the environment.'' 
They Support
''We know sustainable living is not easy to achieve sometimes because we went through the same issue as you. With the network and resources that we had, we provide service to the public to smoothen their journey in sustainable living.''
They Supply
''We can't live without our daily necessities. We are here to provide you with a choice to live sustainably. We believe a good supply chain starts from the seller. We sourced our product in bulk and make sure it is in minimal plastic packaging and compostable or recyclable packaging.''
Refuse single-use plastic packaging
Reuse anything that can be reused
Repair anything that deserves a second life
Recycle and Rot what you produce.