Camping Checklist and Essentials

Camping Checklist and Essentials

Jan 23, 2022

Preparation is key when it comes to any camping trip. Each camper has different needs, but this article covers some of the must-haves and optional extras to consider before your next camping trip. No more second-guessing if you’ve left something essential at home. Let’s go!

Camping Essentials

#1 Tents

A camping tent is basically a home away from home in the outdoors. Tents come in lots of sizes and suit different needs, so make sure you find one that could match your needs, budget as well as the used scenarios.

Things to consider when buying a tent:

  1. Size: Tent sizes are listed by the number of people the shelter can house. Think of what space you will need in the tent, and what you need to store as well with you. For a more comfortable arrangement, you might want to “up-size” your tent, i.e. a group of two people, each with their own equipment, can go for a four-person tent.
  2. Weight: Rule of thumb: The further the distance you are hiking, the lighter the tent you will want.
  3. Accessories: What accessories do the tent come with? Do you need to get extra stuff like tent pegs and rainfly?

It’s pretty unlikely that you are going to change or purchase a new tent every now and then, so take that into consideration, you might want to spend more on a tent that can be used for a longer period of time.

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#2 Sleeping Bag

It can get pretty chilly at night, especially when you are in the mountains. In order to get a good night's sleep (it’s miserable when you can’t sleep!), you need a good sleeping bag. One key point to note when choosing a sleeping bag is the temperature ratings, which indicates the lowest temperature at which the sack will keep an average sleeper warm.

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#3 Cooking Gear

If you are a foodie like me, you know how important a good meal is when it comes to a camping trip. And in order to get tasty meals prepared, you cannot miss out on a set of cooking gear. Here are some camp kitchen essentials:

  1. Stove and gas
  2. Matches or lighter
  3. Kitchen kit and cooking utensils
  4. A good knife
  5. Mess Kit/ Mess Tin

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to prepare some trash and recycling bags for the cleaning up after. Leave No Trace.

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#4 Lantern/ Headlamp

Sufficient lighting not only allows us to move around and do things in the dark, but can also serve as signal devices in emergency situations. Depending on different situations, you might go for different lighting options, but headlamps and lanterns are the most common ones for any camping trip.

Lantern: A battery-powered lantern is common and best used for common eating areas and the interior of your tent. It provides a soft glow and can effectively light up a larger area compared to headlamps.

Headlamps: A headlamp is extremely useful as it allows you to keep your hands free in the dark. You wouldn’t want to still hold on to a torchlight when you are cooking, eating or even answering nature’s call. 

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#5 Camping Chair

Camping chairs are essential and important for your comfort. Nowadays, camping chairs are usually made of durable material, and there are plenty out there that are light, foldable and easy to carry around. If you are looking to sit somewhere in the middle of a stream or creek and enjoy your breakfast, a camping chair is definitely a must-bring!

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#6 First Aid Kit

Cuts, stings, blisters and other pains are common while camping, so one should never go camping without packing a first aid kit. You can build your own kit, however it’s also fine to buy a pre-assembled kit that is easily accessible and can be purchased from local pharmacies.

Pro Tip: Remember to choose the right kit based on the situation (duration of trip and number of people joining), and pay attention to any special needs of your group (e.g allergies). 

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