Top Hiking Spots - Johor Malaysia

Top Hiking Spots - Johor Malaysia

Apr 19, 2022

To all the hiking kaki out there who are not familiar with the hills in Johor, let’s explore and discover a few of the must-go hiking spots in this southern-Malaysia state that is known for its beaches and rainforest.

Gunung Pulai Johor

Gunung Pulai

Located in the district of Kulai, Johor, the 654M high mountain has always been one of the most popular choices for anak-anak Johor and our fellow Singaporean friends. Covering about 80 square kilometers of forest reserve, it’s home to a huge variety of wildlife.

It takes around 4 hours in total hiking up and down, and should be a relatively easy hike for avid hikers. The mountain also hosts at least 3 waterfalls that are perfect for picnics. Don’t forget to stop by for a dip to cool your heels from all the walking!

Track Distance: 6 km

Two-way duration: 4 hours


Gunung Panti Johor

Gunung Panti

Located at Kota Tinggi, Gunung Panti stands at 457M high. While the track distance might be short, some parts of the trail can be quite steep. The mountain offers stunning scenery and a full circle view to its surrounding areas at the peak.

The best part comes in the end, before reaching the summit. Here you need to go through a 90-degree rock climbing using ropes to lift and position yourself. Ladders are also provided in case you have your children with you. 

Track Distance: 6 km

Two-way Duration: 4 hours


Gunung Lambak Johor

Gunung Lambak

Located in the Kluang district, Gunung Lambak is a twin peaked mountain with a highest peak of 510M. Depending on your fitness level, there are different paths that can be chosen along the way, so make sure to do some research beforehand!

The trail is a little bit steeper compared to Gunung Panti but is perfect for those who wish to challenge themselves. Entry is free at Gunung Lambak and there are no permits or admission charges.

Track Distance: 6 km

Two-way Duration: 3 hours


Gunung Belumut Johor

Gunung Belumut

Among the highest hills in Johor is the 1010M high Gunung Belumut. No doubt it is the most challenging one on this list with it’s longer distance and steeper trail. The single trail full day hike has a total of 4 checkpoints along the way to the peak, and has 3 campsites available since most hiking groups will opt for a two days one night trip.

At the peak, after climbing up to one big stone, you will have a majestic 360 degree view of the surrounding mountain of Gunung Cemendung, Gunung Gua Rimau and Kahang reservoir. Hikers need to pay a fee in order to visit Gunung Belumut as it’s under the management and protection of the Johor Forestry Department.


Track Distance: 12 km

Two-way Duration: 8 hours


Gunung Arong Johor

Gunung Arong

Gunung Arong is one of the best choices for a more relaxed hiking trip. This forest reserve located in Mersing has an elevation of 240M, with a magnificent view of the South China Sea and neighboring islands at its peak. If the weather is good, you might even see Pulau Tioman!

If you have some time to spare, reward yourself and end the trip with a nice relaxation at the nearby Tanjung Resang Beach. Soft sand, rolling waves and cooling breeze. What’s not to love?

Track Distance: 3.5 km

Two-way Duration: 5 hours


What are you waiting for? Tell us which is your favorite and start planning for your next hiking trip to Johor!

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